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In our current situation due to COVID-19, online classes is the perfect solution for engaging in a fun and beneficial exercise for your children.

Putney Gymnastics is successfully providing online classes for its members and now pleased to offer Gymnastics, Dance, Ballet and Stretching classes for all kids of any level from any club.
What parents think
about online classes
Thank you for organising the on-line classes. It was a great opportunity for parents to have an "open day" finally 😊 as we never had a chance to see the whole lessons from hidden doors 😊 Of course, it will never replace the real lessons, but it will help children to keep the form until everything back to normal.

Also, idea of giving some extra lessons as stretching and ballet is more than welcome, as it is a chance to try something new for child and your contribution for nation which make us proud of!
Thank you! Let's keep together on-line and wish a good health to everyone!
Большое спасибо за предоставленную возможность онлайн тренировки. Это даёт возможность нашим детям максимально сохранить, а возможно и улучшить в отдельных областях их навыки и физическую силу, что особенно важно в условиях карантина , ограниченного движения , и социального общения.

Это хорошо не только для гимнастики но и для физического и психологического здоровья наших детей. Тренировка была отлично спланирована.

Диана поддерживала контакт со всеми детьми и отслеживала выполнение ими упражнений, постоянно поправляя и обращая внимание на качество выполнения, при этом она использовала индивидуальный подход к каждой гимнастке, исходя из её возможностей.
Ещё раз спасибо
The class was excellent and my daughter enjoyed it a lot. Thanks a lot for organising, we're very up for next week if available.
Great lesson! All the corrections and motivation was there! Thank you very much, Kristina!
Really great coach, I am happy how my fought we feels and how is she motivated. Thank you!
Amazing idea, girls work so hard.
Can actually be implemented once a week on a regular basis as an addition to regular classes when the quarantine is over.
Such an amazing professional online training sessions, very pleased to be part of the training with Lala! Kids love it!
Very good session . Looking forward to more :)
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Send us a message with any question you might have. We would love to hear from you
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