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Statement regarding impact of Corona virus on London Gymnastics activities
London Gymnastics Events and Activities
Like everyone else, London Gymnastics Management Board is closely monitoring Government and National Governing Body advice.

It's completely expected that we are receiving increased enquiries with regards to activities and our stance on this.

As at 11th March 2020, we do not plan to postpone or cancel any London Gymnastics events, but we are regularly reviewing government advice and liaising with the venue operators.

Ben Murphy
Regional Chairman
Working closely with our venue operators, we are monitoring the situation, and work with them on how to apply necessary prevention measures as advised by official Government advice.

We also have to consider the considerable financial risk of cancelling events at short notice, obligations to venue hire in some of our larger venues, and of course the disruption and cost to our parents should cancellation become necessary. This is why we are reviewing advice on a regular basis, and any subsequent decision to cancel events will take in to consideration the safety of all concerned, and the necessary financial and legal impact.

At this current time all London Gymnastics event venues have been contacted and remain open for public events, unless Government advice forces a Closure Notice or a Deep Clean of the venue.

If this was to happen London Gymnastics Management Board would move into a crisis management mode and work closely with venues to consider cancellation or rescheduling of events, and immediately communicate with our members, this would include issuing details of any refund policies.

At the current time, all entry conditions for participants in these events, along with terms and conditions for ticket holders remain in place.

As you are aware the UK Government has recently published its action plan on dealing with the spread of the coronavirus.

We advise clubs and members who have concerns about coronavirus to read and follow the current advice published by the UK Government. This advice is updated regularly and includes the latest information about the virus, preventing spread of infection, the current risk level, advice for and about returning travellers and what to do if you believe you have symptoms associated with the virus.

The Government's current advice is available online and you can access it by clicking one of the following links:

In addition British Gymnastics now has a page set up to regularly update members on its own activities.

Ben Murphy
Regional Chairman
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Send us a message with any question you might have. We would love to hear from you
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